Adam & Ciko



Adam and Ciko are unique to the North American, and especially to New York, tango scene.

They have had the opportunity to study with teachers from all over the world, who come from very different ideologies, which has allowed and fostered their own approach and character of dance. Their dance has evolved by blending these outside influences they had with their own personal growth as a couple. Their style is defined by its sensuality, musicality & creative playfulness.


They emphasize the importance of a good technique with a comfortable, musical walk over complicated moves. Their goal as teachers is to bring their students’ personality out in their dance by teaching them the music and the concept of countless possibilities the dance offers. They cannot over emphasize the value of active followers which makes the dance much more interactive and fun. When teaching they are able to transmit their mastery of the complex concepts of tango while retaining their innate humor and humility.


Quotes from our students and colleagues and organizers

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