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Adam excels in many styles of tango. His philosophy of tango is centered on the energy one feels from one’s partner, and believes this should inspire the style and movement of the dance. He is confident dancing in open or close embrace and is cherished by followers for his comfortable, clear lead, his creativity, and inspiring musicality.

He has trained extensively in all forms of tango, what some would refer to as the big three styles- Milonguero, Salon, and Nuevo, and blends them throughout the dance creating a hybrid style of dance that most of us are accustomed to today.
At times he adheres strictly to the style of the music and at others times he just plays around.

Adam has worked across the US, Canada, Germany, and Poland teaching workshops and at festivals often returning more than once.
He is based in New York City.
He has performed and worked with some of todays leading ladies of tango including, Cigdem Tanik, Brigitta Winkler, Rebecca Shulman, Mila Vigdorova, Katherine Gorsuch Meredith Klein, Kristina McFadden,  and Silvina Valz.

As a DJ - 
The DJ is responsible for more than just the selection of the music and the order of the tandas.
The DJ creates the atmosphere  of the party. The DJ is the party.

In over 12 years of playing at milongas around the world Adam has cultivated a style that will provide inspiring energy all evening.

He believes in DJing for everyone, every dancer, therefore he likes to play from different eras throughout the evening however always returning to the golden when the time is right.
No one can deny the perfect D'Arienzo tanda at the right moment.

Adam is a mainstay DJ in the New York City community and has spent countless hours being exposed to different styles of play from the milongas of Buenos Aires to the festivals and more local events in North America and Europe.

He won't scare you too much but just enough to keep the night interesting.

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