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MALA LECHE - every 1st Sat of the month

Saturday June 1st, 9pm - Late

LORENA AND GIANPIERO will be performing!
This will be their ONLY night performing in NYC!!!

Please do NOT expect a full bar.

We provide WHITE WINE, BEER, WHISKEY and sometimes VODKA and/ or GIN. Please tip your bartender!

* This way BYOB is still welcome but NO RED WINE please. (studio rules!)


There will be complimentary snacks as always.

*Bring your own water bottles cause there are two amazing water fountains to fill up
*ALSO we suggest to bring your mason jars for your drinks at the var to keep plastic cup usage to a minimum.

Doors open at 9pm:
$30 cash at the door
or Venmo us ahead of time

(we ask that you do NOT use Venmo after 12pm the day of)

Address and entry code:
37 west 26th street 2nd Floor
DOOR CODE : 5527#

Please note that the elevator closes at 1am so please do not come too late or forget anything

mala leche.jpg

Previous Guest Performers:

December 2009 : Marc Hussner and Kristina McFadden (Philadelphia, PA)

January 2010: Burak Ozkosem (Montreal/ Turkey) Mariana Galassi (NYC/ Buenos Aires)

February 2010: Santiago Dorkas and Cecilia Garcia (Buenos Aires)

March 2010: Dominic Bridge and Jenna Rohrbacher (Portland, OR)

April 2010: Silvina Vals (NYC/ Buenos Aires) Ciko Tanik (NYC/ Turkey)

May 2010: Xavier Varnier and Veronique (Montreal CA)

June 2010: Mariana Parma and Omar Lagos (NYC)

July 2010: Raphael Baron and Maude Bouthillete (Montreal CA)

August 2010: Luis Bianci and Daniela Pucci (NYC/ Buenos Aires/ Brazil/ EVERYWHERE)

September 2010: Jake Spatz and Dasha Khripkova (DC)

October 2010:  Sid Grant and Gayle Madeira (NYC)

November 2010: Andres Amarilla and Meredith Klein (Philadelphia/ Buenos Aires)

December 2010: Somer Surgit and Ciko Tanik (TURKS)


February 2011: Varo Baroyan and Naomi Hotta (LA)

March 2011: Carlos Moreno and Tova Moreno (Boston/ NYC)

April 2011: Jak Karako and Kristina McFadden (Turkey/ NYC/ Philadelphia)

May 2011: Rebecca Shulman (NYC )

June 2011: Brigitta Winkler and Adam Hoopengardner (Berlin/ NYC)

July 2011: Ney Melo & Ellinor Westrup

August 2011: Nick Jones & Diana Cruz (Denver)

September 2011: Claudio Asprea & Luciana Paris (Buenos Aires)

October 2011: Diego Blanco & Ana Padron

November 2011: Medianoche BurLesque

December 2011: Marc Hussner & Kristina McFadden (Philadelphia)


January 2012: Xavier Vanier & Jesse Roach (NYC)

February 2012: Meredith Klein (Philadelphia) & Evan Griffiths (NYC)

March 2012: Silvina Valz & Oliver Kolker

April 2012: Orlando Farias & Mariana Fresno

May 2012: Jofre Trio LIVE Music

June 2012: Nick Jones & Diana Cruz

July 2012: Andres & Carolina

August 2012: Andres Amarilla & Silvina Valz

September 2012: Viviana & Isidoro Levinson

October 2012: Yaisury Salamanca & Daniel Raphael

November 2012: Jaimes Friedgen & Christa Rodriguez

December 2012: Live music by Importango (Machiko, Adam, Octavio)


January 2013: Rebecca Shulman & Damian Lobato

February 2013: Orlando Reyes & Adriana Salgado

March 2013: Evan Griffiths & Mic Spires

April 2013: Silvina Valz & Mariana Parma

May 2013: Guillermo Cerneaz & Marina Kenny

June 2013: Mauro Peralta & Claudia Cortes

July 2013: Claudio Ponce & Silvana

August 2013: Yamila & Hernan

September 2013: Frankie Martinez / Marcelo Gutierrez & Katherine Gorsuch

October 2013: Leandro & Sol

November 2013: Esteban & Virginia

December 2013: Yaisury & John Hernan


January 2014: Lucianoy & Rocio

February 2014: Sol & Leandro

March 2014: Alejandro & Marisol

April 2014: Marcelo Gutierrez & Katherine Gorsuch

May 2014: Tioma & Gayle

June 2014: Guillermo Cerenaz & Marina Kenny
July 2014: 4th of July celebration

August 2014: Nito & Elba

October 2014: Ana & Diego

November 2014: Kara & Javier

December 2014: Yaisury & John Hernan


January 2015: Orlando & Adriana

February 2015: Carlos & Cindy
March 2015: Marina & Adam
May 2015: Michelle & Xavier
June 2015: Ana & Diego
July 2015: Andres Bravo and Carolina Jaurena
August 2015: Nito & Elba

October 2015: Tomas and Yamila

November 2015: Guillermo and Gabby

December 2015: Andres and Meredith


January 2016: New Years Eve follow up

February 2016: Yaisury and John Hernan

March 2016: Ana & Diego

April 2016: Daniela & Luis

May 2016: Alberto and Micaela

June 2016: Leah Barsky and Christian

July 2016: Cyrena & Steinar

August 2016:

September 2016: Mariana Parma and Mario De Camillis

October 2016: Marcelo & Michelle

November 2016: Maria Elena

December 2016: Andres and Meredith


January 2017: Orlando and Adriana

February 2017: Andres and Carolina

March 2017: Daniel Martinez and Adriana
April 2017: Flaco Dany and Maria Jose
May 2017: Marcos and Florencia
June 2017: Alberto and Micaela / Analia Centurion teaching
July 2017: Carla Moreno and Octavio Fernandez
August 2017:Tango Floor Gender Wars

September 2017: Maria Elena and Adriana
October 2017: Yaisury and Jon Hernan
November 2017: Angeles and Kristian
December 2017: Guillermina and Mariano


January 2018: Batt Johnson book signing

February 2018: Andres and Meredith

March 2018: Los Totis

April 2018: Marcela and Mario

May 2018: Gabriel and Tilly

June 2018: Florencia & Marcos
July 2018: Carlos and Maureen Urrego

August 2018: No Show

September 2018: Andres Bravo and Sarita Apel

October 2018: Carolina Jaurena and Martin Almiron

November 2018: Analia and Jeremias

December 2018: Guillermina and Mariano


January 2019: Ana and Diego

February2019 :Andres and Meredith

March 2019: Eleonora and Batt
April 2019: Juan David Bedoya & Diana Suarez

May 2019: Orland & Adriana

June 2019: Los Totis / Albero & Micaela

July 2019: Noel & Pablo

August 2019: No performance

September 2019: Andres Bravo & Sarita Apel

October 2019: Lorena Gonzalez & Gaston Camejo

November 2019: Yaisury and Jon Hernan

December 2019: Guillermina and Mariano

January 2020: Rebecca Shulman taught the class

February 2020: Laura Grandi and Matias Iriarte
March 2020: Tioma and Gayle


January 2022: Closed
February 2022: Los Peores del Tango
March 2022: Belated New Year's Eve, DJ Robin Thomas

April 2022: Carlos Habiague Singing, DJ Travis Widrick

May 2022: Los Peores del Tango, DJ Adam Hoopengardner
June 2022: Claudio Morsella on Guitar, DJ Davor Perhaj
July 2022: DJ Robin Thomas
August 2022: Music Trio with Sergio, Leandro, and Emilio, DJ Adam Hoopengardner
September 2022: Hosted by Stratos and Memo, DJ Jack Hanley
October 2022: Music Quartet with Sergio, Leandro, Emilio, and Pablo, DJ Adam Hoopengardner

November 2022: Maxi and Paloma Perform, DJ Jack Hanley

December: Stratos and Alejo Duo, DJ Carlos Urrego


January 2023: DJ Robin Thomas
February 2023: Jaimes and Rebecc
a,DJ Adam

March 2023: Los Chantas, DJ Ciko

April 2023: Andres and Meredith, DJ Adam
May 2023: Los Peores del Tango, DJ Ciko
June 2023: Serkan and Cecilia, DJ Adam
July 2023: Pizza Party, DJ Carlos Dueñas

August 2023: Alex Sosa and Ciko, DJ Kim Dai
September 2023: DJ Ciko
October 2023: Rocio & Luciano Capparelli
, DJ Ciko & Adam
November 2023: Marcelo Gutierrez & Ciko, DJ Robin
December 2023: Clarisa & Jonathan, Dj Rod (Chicago)

January 2024: Iakof and Julia
, DJ Adam

February 2024: DJ Gabriel Gaumond
March 2024: Ariel Almiron and Aluminé Deluchi, DJ
April 2024: DJ Steven Thull
May 2024: Sergio Reyes, Alejo de los Reyes, Emilio Teubal, DJ
June 2024: Gianpiero & Lorena, DJ Avik
July 2024: Guest hosts: Memo & Stratos, DJ Jack
August 2024: 
September 2024: Horacio Godoy & Maricel Giacomini, DJ 
October 2024: Florencia & Marcos, DJ
November 2024: 
December 2024: 15 Year Anniversary!!






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