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Alper Kaya
"Not only the Dancing technique, Adam and Cigdem help you to understand how to listen the music and play with it. Their six weeks intensive classes were the best experience so far. I can highly recommend because I am attending for the next cycle.
As a social dancer, I always looked forward to be in their class to take that social energy from them. I am glad to be part of the class and I consider them as friends."

Robert Withers
"Adam and Ciko are exciting dancers who combine artistry, creativity, taste, and a deep knowledge of tango heritage. Their classes and seminars focus on details of classic technique, essential tango concepts, and style. They teach advanced and sophisticated tango, but do more than teach fancy steps--there are a lot of teachers who do that. They emphasize being relaxed and comfortable, dancing with good technique, and looking good on the dance floor whether your steps are simple or complex.  They share an irrepressible and irreverent good humor that makes the work fun. There is nobody like them."

Renee Turman
"I love Adam and Ciko's 6WS!   They have a highly unique way of teaching through the structure of the movement.  And they encourage playing with that structure to highlight the music, making it unstoppably fun.  Even my walking is more musical- it's incredible.  It was also very valuable to have their keen sense of what my own tango habits were and how to change them to transform my dance.  They "keep it real" by employing uncommon and sometimes heart-racing drills intended to improve technique.  One time we danced with weights on our ankles to sense being grounded. It's like martial arts meets tango!  And I love the small group format- it gave a sense of comradery with my fellow students.  Often finding we connected between classes to trade notes, ideas, and videos pertaining to our lessons.  I've know A&C since the days of Empire Dance, and on a personal note I've watched them explode as both high-level dancers and teachers, and I am so grateful for their input in my dance and in our tango community."

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