Special things we organize

We also try to put effort into organizing few guests out of town through the year to share the experience with our students and with our community.

Coming in 2022...

Grand Opening of the Brand NEW Studio!!
You Should Be Dancing...! Is opening at the new location in the Brand New Space on

December 31st

New Year's Eve PARTY!!! 

Previously in 2019 -

February 2 and 3rd - Andres Amarilla & Meredith Klein In NYC

March 23rd -  Milonga 23 at Judson Memorial Church NYC  with LIVE MUSIC  The Aces of Rhythm


July 26 - 28 Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon

September 12-15 2019 - Horacio Godoy & Cecilia Berra in NYC

​Previous guest instructors:

Los Totis performance at Mala Leche 2018

Horacio Godoy and Cecilia Berra 2017

Juilo Balmaceda and Virginia Vasconi 2016

Andres Amarilla and Meredith Klein 2009 / 2016

Cecilia Garcia and Santiago Dorkas 2010

Nick Jones and Diana Cruz 2011 / 2012

Jaimes Friedgen and Christa Rodriguez 2013

Silvina Valz 2013/ 2014

Horacio Godoy and Magdalena Gutierrez 2013

Marcelo Gutierrez 2013/ 2014/ 2015

Guillermo Cerneaz and Marina Kenny 2013 / 2014 / 2015

Marina Kenny 2015

Guillermo Cerneaz and Gaby Mataloni 2015
Nito and  Elba 2014 / 2015
Julio Balmaceda and Virginia Vasconi 2016

Horacio Godoy and Cecilia Berra 2017

There is also of course The Cleveland Tango Marathon by Adam  :)) NOT TO BE MISSED, Super unique experience!

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