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Tango Cafe

Opened in March 2006 and Tango Cafe is one of New York City's longest running weekly milonga.

It started as a traditional milonga in the old Empire Dance Studio as an alternative milonga and was New York City's only weekly alternative event for many years.

In 2008 we moved to 412 8th Avenue and continued as an alternative milonga for a while, but then opened up a second traditional room.

Having two rooms allowed everyone the option to dance to either music.

In the spring of 2021 You Should Be Dancing...! had to relocate after 20 years to 37 West 26th st 2nd floor NYC
They built a brand new studio which has been our home for the last 1 year and it is a beautiful studio, tasteful design and welcoming cozy feel with the most wonderful dance floor

Tango Cafe is our weekly milonga on Wednesday nights.

Mala Leche is our big monthly event every 1st Saturday of the month. It is one of the biggest events of New York City !

Mala Leche


Mala Leche opened in the spring of 2009.
It was originally called, Tango Cafe weekend edition, but after a few months we decided to give it a fresh name.

What is a "Mala Leche?" Well, let's just say it's someone you don't want to take home to meet the parents

We started Mala in two rooms but after a while grew and were able to expand into the third larger room.

Every month we hosted a live performance, class, and hosted DJ's as well.

Currently we do not have a class before Mala Leche but we continue to host amazing Live Music groups, performers and DJs. Each month is its own thing so it feel special and not redundant.

Part of the reason we love organizing milonga's is so that we can help support the other artists in tango. It is a great honor for us to share this experience with all of you!

Check out the Mala Leche page to see a list of all the artists we shared the floor with over the years.

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