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In 2012 while visiting Buenos Aires our friend

Oliver Kolker proposed and idea to make
a commercial to help promote a tango 
festival in Baltimore. It was a really fun project 

and we got to work with some great people.

Adam and Ciko
Chicho and Juana
Aoniken and Alejandra
Martin and Maurizio
Roberto Reyes
Oliver Kolker: Director
Chicho Frumboli: Cinematographer


Dancing in Times Square

for a documentary project about dancing

in New York City.

Times Square

Times Square

Watch Now

Our interview with Joe Yang on his tango podcast: Joe's Tango Podcast
We are episode #9 and there are a bunch of others to check out there as well.


We have taught across the United States and around the world. 

Halifax, ns
San francisco, ca
Izmir, Turkey
Montreal, ca
Nyc, ny
media, pa
philadelhpia, pa

We have also taught in:
Portland, OR
Portland, ME
Cleveland, OH
Albuquerque, NM
Berlin, Germany
Vancouver, BC
Lincoln, NE
and many others....

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