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Meredith Klein, Director of Philadelphia Argentine Tango School
"For the past 7 years, I have watched Adam Hoopengardner & Ciko Tanik take every possible opportunity to learn, grow and move forward as tango dancers. The results are extremely impressive. I love the dance that Adam & Ciko have created and also love the fact that they continue to evolve as dancers and try new things. But for Adam & Ciko, it’s not just about dancing well. It’s about disseminating their passion for tango, their knowledge of technique and musicality, and their sense that tango can bring people together, both in NYC and throughout the country. Their ability to create good “onda” (vibes) is so great that I have resolved never to run a major event without them present. I heartily encourage you to take every opportunity to study with Adam & Ciko and to attend their events."

Julia Schiptsova, Organizer of Baltimore Tango Element
"Adam & Ciko are not just wonderful dancers and engaging teachers – they bring creativity, positive energy and integrity with them wherever they go, they are passionate about Tango and, most importantly, they are team players – Adam & Ciko genuinely care about your event and your community as well as about their students. They possess an amazing ability to interest class attendees and make them fall in love with Tango forever. I have only had most positive experiences working with them."

Barbara Kennedy, Director of State College Tango Club
"Ciko and Adam are brilliant tango teachers and talented dancers -- and importantly, they also are kind and respectful toward our students and they do whatever they can to support our efforts to continually nurture our local tango community."

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