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Ciko’s motivation to pursue tango has been the connection to another soul & body, as well as her own, through a music that inspires her.

During her visits to Buenos Aires she focused solely in the dance in its original grounds exploring and studying both traditional and nuevo tango roots which developed the Argentine quality in her dance. She embraced both open and close embrace which allowed the ability to move fluidly between the two and be more dynamic and versatile. Her technique gives her a non-restrictive connection with various dancers. Her dance is defined by its sensuality, creative playfulness, musicality and elasticity.

She has also studied other movement modalities such as contact improvisation, yoga, aerial yoga, feldenkrais over the years.


She has worked across US and Canada teaching workshops and at festivals. Has worked and performed with powerful leaders such as Adam Hoopengardner, Silvina Valz, Marcelo Gutierrez, Tomas Corbalan, Andres Amarilla, Evan Griffiths, Robin Thomas, Somer Surgit, Daniel Tuero, Guillermo Cerneaz, Felipe Martinez and Alexander Sossa. Has also assisted Chicho Frumboli in his workshops in NYC in 2022.

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