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Strengthening for Tango in NYC 

Strengthening for Tango

These classes are offered by Ciko and are announced pretty much every month in terms of when they will be. 

Mostly they are either one of the off weeks on Wednesdays when there is a 2 week break between Seminars or they are on a Monday evening.


These classes are meant to strengthening your body for tango and make your movements stronger and more effortless without having to think about it while you are dancing. And also to help you maintain your body and/or help prevent possible injuries through overuse and misuse of your body through bad habits or through dancing for hours without giving it what it needs after. The goal is that you can dance till you die and enjoy dancing more and more by getting better idea of how to use your whole body.


There is different focuses to each one, to give you an idea so far we have covered the following in various sessions:

Strengthening core, glutes, inner thighs and feet, strengthening balance through adressing specific muscles and addressing alignment, strengthening pivots through focusing on certain muscles, movement fluidity and path, alignment, and efficiency in pivots, strengthening embrace through using the whole body and how it communicates with the floor and the partner.

Each session mainly starts with mobility exercises first and then we move onto strengthening and then we move onto exercises that link the concepts to Tango.


NEXT ONE is to be announced, no near future ones on schedule currently




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