SHOES & Clothing

I sell Women and Men Tango Shoes through different companies. At times I have Clothing as well.

Many Brands are within my reach so please contact me by email or phone listed below if you are looking for something specific.


You can browse through the various websites I will send you and reach out to me with what you like and I will meet you for an appointment to determine your size and favorite brands and bring together a selection that you feel interested in. :)


Main brands I can get are:



Bandoleras, Paoul, Katrinski through Axis Tango

Turquoise, Greta Flora and Regina through Mina Tango Boutique

Souple through Yuli-B

Comme il Fauts and DNIs through Julia Bella



Bandolera, 2x4, Axis Tango, Turquoise, Cervila and DNIs