Learn to DJ and run a great TANGO party!

With Adam Hoopengardner

Continuing February 7th at 8pm.


We had such a great time this past Monday that we will be continuing for

a few more weeks!

Have you ever been curious to know what it takes to DJ a tango event?

Have you ever wanted to run a tango party but didn't know how to start?
This is the CLASS FOR YOU!

Adam Hoopengardner has been DJing and running tango events in New York City
for over a decade to great success. Together with his partner Ciko, they have

created some of New York City's most memorable tango events.

We will be learning about:

What music to play and when.

How to understand the music in a way that allows for us to create a great energy throughout the evening.

How to arrange the space and create a great vibe with lighting and sound.

This class will be a general overview. Think of it as an opportunity to take a peak through the window of the life of a Tango DJ and Organizer.

Class is $25 per person. If you share a screen you can pay $40 for two people.
No recording please.

You can pay via Zelle: ahoopengardner@hotmail.com 
via Venmo:@adam-hoopengardner


After you register please send us an email address where we can send you the Zoom link for class.