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Intensives in Newark

ALL classes and events in Newark are on PAUSE right now due to Covid19. Please check back in again later

Stay tuned for our Intensives in Newark. These are a different format than other classes we offer. They aim to bring together people from various areas in NJ, PA and NYC. We love the idea of connecting with our students from all around close Tango Communities such as RedBank, Middletown, Princeton University, New Brunswick, Bloomfield, Media, Philadelphia and NYC.


Each Intensive is designed differently. We offer either 1 day long or 2 day long programs of 3 to 4 hours each day. We usually hold them at a restaurant called Catas in Ironbound in Newark. This is a very authentic restaurant with an amazing cuisine. After hours of working together as a group and going deeper into concepts with musicality and communication of the dance we then stay and dine together and get to know each other even mOre ;).

​INTENSIVE REQUIREMENTS   March 14 Saturday 2-6PM lesson followed by Dinner- CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


In all our INTENSIVES the goal is to go into details with movement, with music and with partner. Creating a dialogue between the men and women so that they are both contributing to the dance by creating a dialogue and not just by one leading and one following. We go into the intricacies of the music and the history of some of the Orchestras or moves that we cover.

* Partner and Pre-Registration is required
​We can help you find a partner, just contact us if you are interested.

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