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What Makes Tango, Tango? - 3 Fridays at 8-9:30PM (EST)

Wine-down at the end of your week with us :)

This is a Music & History Seminar.

Emiliano (Pianist) & Leandro (Historian) got together and prepared this amazing lecture series for us. Here is their description and their background:

This series of three lectures explores the uniqueness of tango from a musical and historical perspective. We analyze its orchestrations, accompaniments, and phrasings and go back to the history of the society and culture that produced it, asking when and why Tango, a music and dance born at the “encounter” of different cultural flows in the Rio de la Plata, became the identity of Argentina.

We contextualize tango music in dialogue with other musical genres. What makes it distinctive and different? What Stravinsky, Kurt Weill, Frank Sinatra or Lady Gaga have to do with Carlos Gardel, Polaco Goyeneche, Julio de Caro or Juan D’Arienzo? How did the mixture of European immigrants and the economic and social transformation of Argentina produced a distinctive culture from where tango was born? What was the role of the cultural industry, the era of mass culture, and the competition with Jazz and Folklore music, in making tango the “authentic” music of Argentina?


Combining our expertise as professional musician and historian from Argentina, the lectures combine a dynamic format that includes live music examples, videos, pictures, music scores and original historical research. Participants will learn the uniqueness of tango in an innovative approach. No previous knowledge is required.

Class #1 Music

Class #2 Culture

Class #3 Connection: This is an interactive class with the two professors, who will request the audience to prepare questions in advance

Emiliano Messiez

Pianist and composer (University of the Arts and The School of Popular Music in Buenos Aires, Argentina). Assistant Professor of Counterpoint, Harmony and Music History at the University of the Arts in Buenos Aires. Emiliano has performed around the world in the most prestigious venues such as Lincoln Center and The Metropolitan Museum in New York, among many others. He is the pianist of the show “Forever Tango” and his own orchestra “Típica Messiez”. As teacher he has been giving lectures and work shops for many years. He has been awarded by The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO for his album “Silencio” recorded with the José Luis Infantino Group.


Leandro Benmergui

Historian (University of Buenos Aires; PhD University of Maryland, College Park). Assistant Professor of History at Purchase College, State University of New York. Chair of the Latin American, Caribbean and Latinx Studies. Director of Casa Purchase, an Outreach Center. His work combines a history of Latin American cities and societies in the twentieth century from a transnational and socio-cultural perspective. He has published extensively in different academic journals and is currently working on his manuscript, a history of housing, modernization, and developmentalism in Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro (1950s-1970s) in the cold-war context.

REGISTRATION: $50 for all 3 classes

aaaand yes you have to register for all three :)
Once you register we will send you the zoom link
You can Venmo or use the link below for Paypal

*If you use the link below there will be a small fee through paypal.

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