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Seminars in NYC 

After years of teaching different levels, week to week, never knowing who will come and go we have decided to try something more focused. Beginning September 2012 we have been having 6 week progressive seminars and we see the improvement in our students. And we see a better connected group of people that share the experience of growing together.

Starting in July 2021 we will be changing to a 4 week series format.

WEDNESDAY SEMINAR   August 11th to Sept 1st 2021 - 4 Week Seminar

TOPIC: La Entrega          Level: Int / Adv
How to give a piece of you in the embrace.
Say something with the embrace. Say I am me. Say I am here. Say I want to dance with you. Say I respect you. Use the embrace to communicate with one another. Use the dance to embrace!

Wednesdays are Concepts in Depth FOR THE SOCIAL DANCE FLOOR
We push things further on Wednesdays in concepts to challenge the students, the idea is to get our students to think more and play more and find their own dance. We still go into technique of course and do lots of exercises but the vocabulary involves more advanced movements in close embrace that can easily be applied to a social dance floor


** $150person/seminar

PRE-REGISTRATION ONLY    Click here to register

In all our seminars the goal is to go into details with movement, with music and with partner. Creating a dialogue between the men and women so that they are both contributing to the dance by creating a dialogue and not just by one leading and one following.

* Each 4  week series is limited to couples. Partner and Pre-Registration is required
​We can help you find a partner, just contact us as soon as possible.

*** The sooner we know who is attending we are able to CUSTOMIZE the topic to the needs of our students.

*** If you do NOT have a partner we look for a partner for you. BUT Contact us soooon!

Please click HERE to read what our students wrote about us.

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