tangoCAFE... on the Road

Your mission is to have FUN and loads of it !!!



NOW Monday, August 23rd 2021

Tango Cafe ... On the road!


Tuesday, August 23rd Monday

8PM - 12AM

Adam & Ciko Invite you back to a fun unique event.

At an amazingly cool Bohemian LOFT! with a little ROOFTOP DECK!
198 N 4th st Williamsburg Brooklyn 11211


Feel free to bring a bottle of something you like to contribute to the bar.

PLEASE do bring water for yourself as well, we need to keep hydrating during these summer days and the bar at the place is a dry bar so we will do our best to buy and provide some water but we need your help and contribution to take care of yourselves.


Paypal or Venmo

(Please bring your WATER)

If paying by Venmo - @adamandciko - $30

please indicate if you are a leader or follower


Fully Vaccinated people only!
Pfizer and Moderna final dose before August 9th
J&J before August 9th

NO arguments and NO exceptions.

Masks are optional

If you have attended one of our events before there is no need to show proof of vaccination again.

this is your first time at our event, you will be asked to present your ID and Vaccine Card or Excelsior Pass at entry. Name on your ID and Vaccine proof need to match