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tangoCAFE... on the Road

Your mission is to have FUN and loads of it !!!


Tango Cafe ... On the road!

On hold for now. We will be reopening at our Permanent Home Wednesday January 5th at a special time of 8pm!!

Stay tuned for more details.


Full Vaccination REQUIRED:
Double dose Vaccines: 2nd dose administered before Nov 10th
Single dose Vaccines: 1st dose before Nov 10th

NO arguments and NO exceptions.
Masks are optional

We encourage that you email us your Vaccine Proof and ID before the day of to help the door to flow faster

Your ID and Vaccine Proof has to have the matching name to present at the entry

If you have attended one of our events before there is no need to show proof of vaccination again.

this is your first time at our event and you do not email us ahead of time with this info then you will be asked to present your ID and Vaccine Card or Excelsior Pass at entry. Name on your ID and Vaccine proof need to match

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